About Me

10390916_10152908010413636_1519705260169016420_nI’m Matthew and I’m on a journey in every area of my life – full of ups, downs, dancing, laughing, weeping, failing, succeeding, and just being.

I believe in making things better – people, processes, technology, and myself…

I’m a learning technologist, which means I help learning professionals (trainers, instructional designers, learning consultants, etc.) figure out what technology they can use to be more effective.

I’m proud to work for Capital One (though the views expressed on this blog are purely mine) and lead a team of amazing people who are trying to push the envelope in our field.

I’m a Believer. Not the kind the always understands or believes they have the answers. I try to put my hope in Jesus and hope that you’ll see that in my writing and our interactions without it punching you in the face.

I think I’m Anglican, which is really confusing for someone who comes from a Charismatic Evangelical background, but the liturgy is shaping me to look more like Christ.

I’m grateful for my wife of 12 years. She is God’s primary tool of making me look more like Jesus.


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. lisa taylor

    well i guess i’m just a little disappointed not to be mentioned as a key influence in your upbringing…i mean, it’s not as if i paid a high price to love your little high maintenance selves all in the name of believing in what God was gonna do in and through you…just teasin kiddo…you guys are champs…i’m way proud of you…love you like crazy madness my dear.

  2. Hey Man,

    My name’s Jeff and I’m the Worship “Guy” here at Calvary Chapel Jupiter in Jupiter, Florida. It seems like we do a similar style of worship music at our church’s, so I just wanted to offer you a free copy of our church’s new worship album.

    It’s all original stuff and we think it doesn’t suck. If you disagree, you can just ignore me (that’s the beauty of the Internet). But I think you’ll find at least a couple of useful songs for your church. You can listen to the whole album online at CCJworship.com.

    If you think you might use some of the songs, just let me know and I’ll mail you a free copy. That’s it. I won’t show up at your church asking to play for a “love offering”. We’re just trying to write worship music that’s a blessing to the local church.

    I’d love to get your feedback…

    Thanks & GB,

    Jeff T.
    Worship “Guy”
    Calvary Chapel Jupiter

  3. Allyson Evans

    Hello MJ Daniel
    My name is Allyson Evans and I work for the Marcus Buckingham Company and was wondering if I could get you email, so that the president of our company Kevin Small can get in contact with you regarding some of our products and feedback.
    If you could send me this information with your name, email, and URL of you page I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you so much for you time,
    Allyson Evans
    The Marcus Buckingham Company

  4. Randi Smith

    I’m with LTP…lol…I’m as crazy proud of you guys as she is….i’m thankful that the Lord gave me the blessing of being a part of each of your lives. Considering that i started praying for Chels before she ever walked thru the doors….thanks LTP…that was all you….glad you had to vision to see it….

    i love you both so very much and am looking forward to seeing what He has in store from here….Salute to the Journey…cos that’s what it’s all about anyway…

  5. I’m so glad to be able to read your story! Since our first meeting at Craven Wings I have found myself praying often for you guys, Bryan and Dana. I have also been praying about the opportunity presented and where the Lord may have my wife and myself serve.

    Right now we have church on Sunday at 12pm with Lakewood. We both appreciate a positive message that has relevence to improving our Christian walk.

    We both believe the Christian walk is a walk of positive can-dos and thou shalts rather than a walk of thou shalt nots, a growing relationship with the Savior, community service and positive daily living.

    Since we’re all on different places in our journey with different experiences, we find it refreshing to be able to share, ask questions and be in a place to help as we are able. I look forward to learning new praise and worship songs. I haven’t played the guitar in years – but have kept it close by. Maybe I’ll be able to pick it up again (I don’t read music but play by ear and with practice may be able to keep up). We also have a keyboard and I plunk around on it from time to time.

    Anyway, enough rambling already! I’m looking forward to our next meeting and hopefully my better half will be with me this time.

    All the Best!

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