Keep it Simple

I ended my work day with an interesting discussion on what a Project Management “Center of Excellence” would consist of. I’m constantly amazed at how overcomplicated we can make things. There is value in those who study the Word day in and day out (that’s for you, Russ) – we need you to help clarify things for us. We need those who study “adult learning theory” and “project management theory” and come up with great understanding of the human mind – and then we need you all to simplify it.

Jesus said it like this – all of the law can be summed up into these two things: 1. Love the Lord with all your heart, soul mind, and strength. 2. Love others as you love yourself.

I wish sometimes we could just keep it more simple. It’s REALLY hard for people to understand 25 competencies or 14 competencies. We need it simple. When the time comes where we need more, we go find more, but if we could generally do the first two really simple ones, we’d nail it – but we fail there all of the time.

For project management, I would say it could be summed up in three things: 1. Communicate everything to all people – status reports, project plans, strategies, expectations, requirements, risks, needs, etc. 2. Pursue quality and excellence in all things. 3. Be a problem solver, not a fault finder.

Oversimplified? Maybe… but I can help fill in the gaps if we could just start with those three things.


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