Those that Came Before Us

I’ve waited a few weeks to post this as I know the rumor mill regarding my parents, but after the “revelation” I’ve had over the past two weeks, I want to share something I’ve learned.

My Dad’s in the middle of some transition and he’s moving to Nashville. While he gets planted in this community, he’s staying with us. I shared this with a couple of friends and they shared their concerns/hesitations about this. We had a few of our own, but something hit me like a lightening bolt: I’m getting the opportunity to return the investment my Dad made in me.

My parents are both pretty wise, both are “people” people. They instilled leadership, solution finding, and excellence in me for as long as I remember. Almost all of the blessings I enjoy in my life today are as a result of what they invested in me. Dad staying here with us for a few weeks/month while he gets his roots planted in Nashville is just a chance for the investments my Dad made in me to be returned to him. Most folks don’t get to give back to their parents until their old… we get to do it today.

Are you investing for your future in your relationships, not just your 401K?



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