She’s Here Because of You

I’m guilty of making fun of those local christian talk shows and TBN, but today I met Susie and Ron on the plane.
Susie and Ron spent four years pouring all of their personal finances into their local TV show.
Yes, Susie had big hair.
Susie told me how much she enjoyed doing the show, and I sat there full of skepticism.
Then she told me about the time a few years after the show was off the air that they visited a small local church.
A woman came up to her and said, “Are you Susie?” Susie replied yes.
Then the young woman reached behind her and pulled a young girl out from behind her.
“I had an appointment for an abortion, but the day before, I saw your show where you told me I had a choice.”
“This is my daughter, and she’s here because of you.”

BAM! Conviction.

It may not be “my” style, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have an impact on people….


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