Don’t Be Afraid of the Quiet (Pt 2)

One of the worst dangers of giving someone a mic, is the fact that they may use it… Far too many of us who lead worship are afraid to let the air get a little thin for just a moment – don’t let people stand in the quiet too long, they may get distracted. The truth is, we need far more quiet times in our corporate worship. No “leader” singing or talking, just a group of 400 people standing together at one moment reflecting on the greatness of their God.

In the training field, we use deliberate pauses to let content soak into our students head, to allow them to form questions and relate new content to previous life experience. We’ve found that the level of learning increases when people have time to process what you’re talking about…

When you lead this weekend, don’t be afraid of the quiet. Allow some room for God to do his thing, for minds to be opened, for people to be just a little uncomfortable as they realize how the song and the message were put into action in their past and will be fulfilled in their future…


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