Don’t Be Afraid of the Quiet (Pt 1)

My wife recently bought me a copy of Fahrenheit 451 – one of my favorite books. It was written 50 years ago, but it captures the current state of our society better than you can possibly imagine. The people are bombarded with noise from the time they wake up, till the time they go to bed – advertisements in every store, on the sidewalks, in the subway. The moment they walk in their homes, they turn on their interactive wall TVs, not engaging with others in their home – but engaging with virtual worlds. Sound familiar?

Chels and I have been pretty intentional about watching less TV since we moved into the house. Our house has been much quieter, and to be honest – I’m loving it. The only thing you have in the silence – both the silence from TV and computer/FB, etc. – is your own thoughts. It can be extremely scary to realize you’re not as deep as you thought – that your relationships with your family and your God are not nearly as deep as you thought.

I hope you’ll take a little time to enjoy the quiet – there’s nothing to be afraid of…


One thought on “Don’t Be Afraid of the Quiet (Pt 1)

  1. I do know I feel a lack when Dave and I have been absorbed by our own things on the computer all night/day. I try to get us on the couch for about half an hour every night. We do watch TV, but as much as I chatter sometimes, it’s still good quality time. 😀

    My problem with noise is not only advertisements, etc, it’s when I turn it off and there’s a constant hum of building and/or city. I am NOT a city girl. I like to visit, but living here is not happy for me. I was happy to see there was an outskirts town that’s still close to Dave’s work. Just have to be able to afford it.

    The first few times my parents left me home alone, and no TV was on or anything, my own thoughts pushed me to mini-breakdowns. Not sure if that means I’m deep or my imagination is just so wild.

    Relationship deepness; Deepest relationships (other than with Dave) are all in Arkansas. There is one girl I met I feel I can really connect to, be 100% comfortable in my own skin with, but schedules keep us apart except maybe once a month. 😦 I really miss home group. Chris and Tina’s was one I think I finally felt I had a permanent “home” in… then well… the church decided to try something different… again. Trying hard not to be bitter about that. 😦 Esp since I pulled myself out of everything; at first by an uncontrolled circumstance and then by not going back because I decided to come to Canada.

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