A New Home

I can’t even begin to express the amazing month we’ve had. We were able to purchase a home in the Bellvue area of Nashville. Not just any house, 3,500 s/f. We’ve prayed many times for a place that could sustain the kind of ministry we’re called to. We believe our home is to be a place for the broken. I grew up with parents who always had people in. I grew up with a foster sister, and at one point, both of her cousins lived with us. We took in people walking on the side of the interstate – we took in college kids in transition – we took in runaways in the middle of the night – it’s the Daniel family way.

This house is GINORMOUS. That means really big for 1 couple and 2 dogs. It’s 4 BRs and we have a gigantic bonus room over our garage. We’ve already had more people here in the past week than we’ve had in our apartment in the past year! The house hasn’t been lived in for over a year, so there’s lots of work to be done. We got this house for just over half of what the homes in this neighborhood are worth!!! It’s such a BLESSING! More to come soon…



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