Law of the Lid

I’m really stuck on Maxwell’s “Law of the Lid” right now. Basically, it says that leaders are the lid that their teams (followers) can’t surpass. If you’re a 7, those who follow you will be 6s or below. If they’re 8s, they’ll become the leader or find a 9 to follow.

I’m big on bringing your A-game every service, every week. When I arrive at the church I want to be completely empty, I want to be filled up for every service, and at the end of the services, I want to have left everything on the stage – nothing left. Sometimes when we’re the ones serving all morning, we hold back in our earlier or “less attended” services, but here’s what you’ve got to know – those people who showed up didn’t expect a “B” experience because it was earlier – it may be the only Jesus they get all week – you’d better bring it.

I’m all about being authentic on stage, but sometimes you’ve got to press your way through the personal crap and remember that you’re the lid – you set the tone, you set the bar, you ARE the leader. If the energy you bring on the stage is a 3, don’t look for the people to respond with a 6 – it’s simply the law of the lid. If your heart is engaged in worship at a 7, don’t be surprised when folks in the room only engage at a 3 – it’s simply the law of the lid.



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