Set List: 03/08/09

Here’s Oasis Church’s (formerly known as Oasis Worship Centre’s) set list for 03/08/09. This is posted in participation with Fred McKinnon’s Sunday Setlist feature.

Great God – Ricardo Sanchez/Israel Houghton. Those guys are both altos, so we had to bring it down a step for Kurtis. That guy gets more solid as a leader every time I watch him. He does a GREAT job and we’re crazy blessed to have him at the Oasis. Our church come alive every time we do this one. If you haven’t listened to it yet – DO!

Rejoice – This is the one made popular by Lakewood, but we did the Promise Keeper’s version which has a better groove.

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus – We did the Michael W. Smith version and it was beautiful. Dale Shuler does an amazing job on violin (for those of you reading from Arkansas – we call it the fiddle).

Holy, Holy, Holy – We did this hymn on Wednesday too and we got NO response, but it really lit up this morning. I’m glad we didn’t change directions on that! I think Pastor Ashley’s talk during the 1st service really made the difference. As much as I love music, it can’t do it on it’s own!


3 thoughts on “Set List: 03/08/09

  1. dorothy (vicar of vibe)

    We are blessed to have a violin and a viola. It is so great to see them soar in worship!
    That clip was great. Thanks for sharing it!

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