Troubled By Burnout

No, no – not me… I’m tired, but nowhere close burn out. I’m troubled by burnout. It’s not that I’m upset with the people who are burned out, but I’m confused with it.

In recent months, I’ve had the chance to work with numerous folks who are amazing – absolutely amazing at their jobs, and great with people – but they’re all trying to avoid leadership roles because of they’re tired of the trials of people.

I want to avoid it. I see it more in the business world than in ministry, but I don’t want to become that. I enjoy working with the folks because they’re brilliant and don’t want credit – so they pass it on to me. That’s nice of them, but it’s just got me thinking…

How do I keep from hitting that point? I like people, and I really want to keep liking people…


One thought on “Troubled By Burnout

  1. Take a break, dude. I am a victim to burnout too. God took a break on the seventh day. Obviously, God doesn’t need a break because He’s God, but it illustrates something for us to model. So take a break and learn to say “no” to things.

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