Talking on Stage (3 of 4): Get Prepared Technically

A couple of bullet point thoughts for you on talking as the worship leader during a worship service:

*Let people know when it’s going to happen. By people, I mean the band, the lighting folks, presentation folks, and sound folks.
*Not only should you practice what you’re going to say “out loud,” you should practice it during rehearsal if you can (sometimes there’s just a right-now message that you feel you’ve got to share, not much you can do then, but many time you know these things will come up) This gives everyone a chance to know how to respond and even to give you some feedback if necessary.
*Speak clearly in your microphone – talk slowly so everyone can understand, no matter how excited you are.
*Band – pick a spot in the song that lends itself to you talking – avoid solos, avoid hard intros, avoid dead silence behind you during the talk.
*Lighting – Double-check that people will be able to see you while you speak. Are you visible and in good light so it can be caught on video if that’s necessary, or so at minimum, people can see your eyes when you’re look at them.
*Sound – The sound guy/chick (that’s for you @chels_53) will likely have your voice at the same level or close to the mix of the other vocals, and may have some effects on your voice. For people to understand, that has to be turned off. Make sure your sound engineer know when you’re going to speak and they make a note of it on their set list. Nothing worse than missing 30 secs of a worship leader talking but to you they sound like the teacher from Peanuts (woh, woh, woh, woh, woh)
*Presentation – Since you’re trying to base your short talk on the Word rather than your opinion, if you’re going to reference scripture, let your presentation folks know so they’re not scrambling mid-service, then you burn time and get frustrated, so the cycle goes…


2 thoughts on “Talking on Stage (3 of 4): Get Prepared Technically

  1. dak

    The point. I remember surprise scriptures. It was quite the adventure. Yes we would like to know but it was also sometimes fun. In a geeky way.

  2. Greg

    Good Points!

    As a professional lighting guy it is a huge help when you know when the worship leader is going to talk.

    During transitions of songs there are a lot of changes taking place on the lighting console and we aren’t always paying attention to the stage. If we don’t know you are going to talk you might start in the dark and be in the dark until we catch up with you.

    I would add too that you should rehearse like you are going to actually perform.

    Many times I have worked with worship leaders who rehearse but don’t really run through the worship set like they are going to perform it. The tech crew assumes that what you do in the rehearsal is what you will do when you perform, it is rehearsal after all. The only rehearsal the tech crew gets. When you do the worship set differently it throws your tech crew for a loop.

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