Talking on the Stage (2 of 4): Get Prepared Physically

In addition to coming on stage having spent a diligent amount of time spiritually preparing with prayer and study, prepare yourself physically to lead the church talking between songs.

*Practice saying it out loud. OUT LOUD! I know it sounds good in your head, but almost everything does before it comes out of your mouth (not so loud on the amens @chels_53). It can even look good on paper without making sense when it comes out. Bounce it off of someone who will be honest with you if they don’t understand or if they don’t think its delivered well. The best audience is probably your pastor, but you probably don’t want to practice on him because he might say no, but that’s a problem by itself.
*Take a few deep breaths and catch your breath – if we can’t understand what you’re saying, we’ve missed the amazing message that you could have for us this morning.
*Stand towards the front of the stage (I know it sounds stupid, but it makes a difference in how connected the people are with you)
*Look at people. Don’t stare at the back wall or ceiling. Be conversational with the people in the room. If you have to stare at the back wall or look away, you probably lack the confidence you need to talk at that moment.


One thought on “Talking on the Stage (2 of 4): Get Prepared Physically

  1. When I lead worship I practice saying transitions so i know that it’s at a good place. Then when Sunday comes I feel like I can follow the Holy Spirit and see whether I should do it or not.

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