Lesson’s Learned: 02/26/09

Here are a few observations I have for the world:

-The customer isn’t always right unless I’m the customer.
-It’s not about being really good at your job, it’s about being confident in who you are and your abilities to tackle any problem.
-My talents in the workplace have a lot more to do with how I make the customer feel instead of anything I actually produce. My job these days seems to be restoring confidence.
-The best tools in the world are only good if they’re used.
-We always want the easy solution – example, a bailout with monopoly money.
-I can operate on reduced sleep for a few nights in a row, and then I feel like I’m going to have an emotional breakdown.
-I don’t say “no” when I should – that has a lot to do with the pressure that I feel right now. I’ve got to delegate more.
-Most people don’t work with the goal of excellence. I just don’t understand that… how do you get so lazy that you throw crap together and give it to people?
-I’m tired, but I have to stay awake to wait for my programmers from India to confirm that they understand my notes… sigh…


3 thoughts on “Lesson’s Learned: 02/26/09

  1. Shannon

    Excellent observations. I have found all of those to be true too. We deal with the same things here in this office. When I say the word “excellence” you would have thought my head just spun around on my shoulders. For us, I don’t know if it’s laziness as much as it is being overwhelmed and not having the time or mental capacity to produce excellence….which goes back to saying “no” and delegating more.
    I just “had it out” with my boss this week over a situation where she told me “it’s not about you Shannon. You need to get a network perspective on things.” Did she just say I’m not a team player? If I’m anything, I’m a team player…and I gave her several facts that supported the fact that I’m a team player. But when I dug down deeper it really boiled down to the fact that she no longer gets the fact that I should and do protect my clients. I value them and have built relationships with them. You don’t blow that out the window! Know what I mean?

    Okay…enough about that! I really just started off with the intentions of saying “excellent observations”.

    Can’t wait to see you all VERY soon!!!!!

  2. Chels

    Don’t forget a very important lesson – Sometimes the front falls off and the best thing to do is to tow it outside the environment – That ones a life saver.

  3. Sheri

    I agree wholeheartedly. In finishing the module today there was one line of narration that needed to be tweaked. Unfortunately, we used an outside vendor for that. We were able to make the change in house and it sounded OK, but not perfect. I emailed the vendor and for NO FEE, they made the edit for me. I have never been more proud of a product as I am with this one and I didn’t want anything to tarnish it.

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