C3: My Impressions

I’d like to start this post by saying that I’ve changed a lot since my last trip to the Creative Church Conference in Dallas, TX. However, the changes in the feel of the conference, and even the House itself is dramatic and evident.

I’ve been blown away the past three days. I went to C3 in 2003, I went to their regional conference at Long Hollow in 2007, and I’ve had the opportunity to travel to Dallas this year with some of the staff from Oasis. Fellowship Church/Ed Young has been a pioneer in the creative presentation of the Gospel. 6 years ago when I attended this conference with my dad and the staff from FC, I picked up a ton of great ideas, but I remember remarking on how shallow everything seemed. It seemed like everything was focused on the technology, not the message. I’m sure that Ed’s vision is probably about the same, but the packaging was completely different.

This week, I’ve heard nothing about technology except for “don’t let it steal from your message.” Make no mistake, Fellowship is still on the cutting edge of technology, but all of the technology and gadgets seem to blend seamlessly into their presentation of the message. The worship is life-giving – 6 years ago, everyone just stared at the leader who stood motionless. The worship breakout today started with a 15 minute talk on the spiritual motivators. I’ve heard Pace speak on worship 4 times, and today’s talk started with a completely different spin – and it was phenomenal.

I hope a video is released soon with some of the sound bytes from this conference. The speakers were out of this world. The mix of speakers was so diverse – they included Tommy Barnett, Christine Caine, Bill Cornelius, Ed Young, Ben Young, Craig Groschel, Steven Furtick, and TD Jakes. Speakers ranged from 29 to 71, black and white, international, east coast to west coast – the perspectives added so much to the message.

I can’t wait for the opportunity to attend again…once again, Ed Young has proven why his ministry has found so much success – the Gospel. I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to attend this year, and I encourage all those involved in ministry to get here in 2010 if they can!!!


2 thoughts on “C3: My Impressions

  1. Hey Matt…

    Great post. C3 has def evolved as a conference. I attended 05 and 06 and fellowship has continually evolved. 06 was very much like a pep rally and was spiritually motivating, but this year was A WHOLE NUTHA LEVEL! It was practical and important. Continually challenging on the deep stuff… I agree 100% with the worship break out commentary. Amazing.

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