Proving Who You Are

It’s amazing that those of us who “feel” a call on our lives feel like we have so much to “prove” to those around us. In the moments when we get a chance to learn from the more experienced, we feel a need to talk about our experiences or the way we do things. We dress to the “T” at our church conferences and we talk about our stories of what’s happening with us rather than listening. We’re just itchin’ to “plug” ourselves at every turn.

Tonight was the first night that I’ve gotten to just follow Pastor Danny (Chambers) around during a band rehearsal and just listen. For some reason, I still had the urge to finish his sentences, predict his answers to my questions, and prove that I knew the answer before he answered. How pathetic! I think I caught it while it was all in my head, but it got me thinking…

I wonder when I’ll be secure enough, and a good enough listener, that I can turn off the noise (comments/answers) in my head and just receive…


2 thoughts on “Proving Who You Are

  1. Very good question. I do that too. Even at work I found myself (vaguely aware until afterward) that I was trying to warm myself to my supervisor by showing I got the program we were using and making suggestions on it (which was legitimate because it was still in development but still rather pathetic considering it had been in the works 2 years before I came along). Even with personal stuff. She asked something and said she even tried the internet, well, I tried and found it in a manner of seconds. I felt so proud of myself for it. Then I felt a wave of pathetic-ness and shame.

  2. Wow… I would have never dreamed that all that was going on in your head. You covered it well. As I mentioned in my text to you; “You’re wired for leadership because you ask significant questions!” Great leaders are constant learners; the moment you think you know it all you’ll stop leading because nobody wants to hang out with a “NO IT ALL.” You’re in a great season and a great place to grow as never before. Soooo proud to have you on the Oasis Team!

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