Alright, so the last time I set one of these sites up, it was for 40 songs and 20 musicians. Holy crap! It’s so much more involved when there are 90 musicians and hundreds of songs. Trying to roll it out is crazy!

Add to those things the pieces of additional church volunteers being scheduled using the site (security, ushers, camera operators, media team, etc) and you’ve got quite an involved process.

If you’re a worship leader not using, USE IT! $20/month gets the cheapest package, and you WILL NOT regret it! The template features and ability to text message confirmations is worth it alone! I can’t wait to see how it works when we get everything rolling on the site. Until then, I feel like a database administrator. Who manages at your church or what other tool do you use for scheduling/music delivery?




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  1. When we started using Planning Center, I was the one who got it going. (I’m a volunteer in the band, not on staff.) After several months, the creative pastor and associate pastor in charge of worship took over.

    My personal recommendation is that it needs to be someone detail oriented. We are struggling with that right now… It could just as easily be a volunteer as a worship pastor. In fact, if you have a volunteer doing the “database administration” part, it frees up the leader to lead.

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