Set List 02/01/09

Absolutely rocking weekend at Oasis with dozens of first-timers and decisions made. Got more time to hang out with the worship peeps and I’m loving it. This post is in conjunction with Fred McKinnon!

Also, thought I would go back to my old ways of posting videos of the original artists doing the songs if I could find them.
Glorious – Martha Muzzini

Vocals flippin BROUGHT IT on this one. Band was tight and the people lit up during this one. Had trumpet player and percusionist in this weekend and it added a TON to this one. Great arrangements by Michael Whittaker.

Brighter Day – Kirk Franklin

We don’t do the break down in the middle of this.

With All I Am – Hillsong

Beautiful violin intro on this one.

Can I say again how much I love the diversity of our house!?!

And as a final thought, it was great to see @chels_53 on stage again (my wife), rocking out! The music this weekend was definitely a challenge because it doesn’t quite match our background or heritage, but she nailed it!



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