Communicating for my House

Those that have known me for a while know that I occasionally let my mouth get a little ahead of my brain. (rarely, of course) About a year ago, I started noticing how much my words didn’t just affect those I was speaking to, it was affecting those I was speaking for. My wife entered into covenant with me just over 4 years ago, and since that time, every word I’ve spoken, she’s had to live with. I saw a few months ago how my mouth (or emails), almost cost her an opportunity for growth and promotion. My heart was broken, and I became increasingly aware of how critical it was that I choose my words wisely. People don’t separate us – we’re one and the same.

Recently, I’ve had some time to share the vision of the Oasis with some great folks, and I’ve got to confess to you, it makes me nervous. Every time I speak, I’m processing through a filter of how the House (which is how Oasis refers to itself – not the church, but the house) works. It’s a nerve-racking thought every time. Whatever I say reflects on the House.

Granted, most of you don’t have the same problems with your tongue as I do, but, do you feel the weight of those you’re speaking for when you open your mouth?


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