Senior Pastor & Worship Leader?

When I was about 16, I started leading worship at our youth services at Family Church. Up to that point, my dad, the worship and youth pastor for the church, had been leading worship and then teaching (as thousands of youth pastors do across the US each week). He started with letting me lead one song, then two songs, then the whole things, and finally, rehearsals. It made for an amazing dynamic. He didn’t have to focus on the worship, but he was able to weave his teaching throughout worship. I believe that’s one of the reasons he was such an amazing teacher – it was the environment. My dad had a certain place he stood – next to the keyboard – and when he did, I knew he wanted to step in. We would pass it back and forth. He would pass it back to me as he taught… it was amazing.

I think one of the most effective times of PD (Pastor Danny’s) teaching comes in the middle of him leading worship. The transitions are so smooth. He, much like my dad, doesn’t need to domineer the stage – but there’s no one who better understands the message that’s coming or can better set it up that the man who’s teach. I would say that PD typically leads one song every other week, and a typical set at Oasis is 3 songs. I used to think it was the coolest thing in the world that my dad could weave in and out of those moments (but our 17 and 18 yr old musicians had to be prepared to play for an hr solid on Wednesday nights). Does your pastor ever lead worship at your church?


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