Come to the Table

Last Wednesday, Pastor Adonis taught a great message about coming to the table. We have this invite to come and dine at the table with Jesus…to be in his presence. He drew some amazing analogies to how some grow up with family dinners. Ours was always Sunday afternoon lunch. It is the single greatest thing I miss about being in Arkansas. Sunday afternoon lunch with my parents was a given since I can remember. We’ve sat around the same solid wood table since I was probably 6 years old.

When we sat around the table, the TV went off, the music went off. Everyone had changed into comfortable clothes, and Mom made lunch (Roast and Potatoes was definitely my favorite), or the kids (there are 4 of us) would make lunch while mom and dad finished things up at the church. Growing up, my parents always had people over for lunch. For two years, I think we had nearly 15 college students there every week. Sunday afternoon lunch was a time when you felt safe – you felt most like a family.

Pastor Adonis told us about his experiences and how he always had to finish everything on his plate – because that’s what momma said to do – because she wanted us to get everything we needed, not just the stuff we liked. He talked about that full feeling when you got up from the table because your parents had provided for you…

As I’ve been talking about the winds of change recently, I know that the greatest wind of change is a greater amount of time at the table with Him. Receiving so I can give away. Oh how easy it is to become the busy Martha, when Jesus calls us to dine with him and receive…

Are you spending enough time at the table with him these days?


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