Leading Relationally

I think it’s Maxwell who has a classification for leaders… regardless, someone has one and they are relational leaders. I’m definitely one of those. Honestly, I don’t understand how leadership works without being relational. I believe that out my belly are to come streams of living water – and I’m supposed to give that away to every person I spend time with.

As we’re getting ready to launch our Murfreesboro campus, I’m challenging the leaders who serve with us to up their game! When I say that, I don’t mean be better at administration or more authoritative… I mean intentionally invest more in their relationships – to lead by pouring into the people they serve with. Practically, that means sending text messages to check on people who serve with you who you don’t see regularly. It means sending thank you cards on a regular basis to the people who serve with you. It means recognizing the people, more than you recognize what they can give to you.

I’m challenging every leader to pick one person/couple and begin to invest in them. Ask them to serve along side you, replicate yourself. Let them watch how you greet, how you talk to people, how you love people… Our ability to take care of the harvest is our capacity to do what we’re called to do… We’re focusing these days on increasing our capacity to give relationally, so we can increase our capacity to receive the harvest.


One thought on “Leading Relationally

  1. I don’t know what mine is, but I do know that I am not a natural leader. Well as in I don’t just assume I’m always a leader.

    I will take lead if no one else does and soon as someone else seems to be, I fall into follower and/or team player.

    When I do lead, I seem to take on a more confident, strict, by the book attitude about things. Kind of like, “If I have to lead, then just do what I say.”

    Well, not that bad, but I know I get flustered and sometimes say (or just think), “Then YOU lead!”

    I’m much better just training. That’s become my side thing in this assignment. We all have the data entry but a few of us have side things too. Mine is to train new temps. I actually enjoy it. 😀

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