Professional Societies (Pt. 2)

So why should this matter to church folks? The walls of denominations kept us apart for many years. I don’t know about your location, but the area we grew up in, the pastors didn’t speak to each other except for the annual community-wide church service and some of the denominations would smile to each other internally while bashing each other behind closed doors. I remember the story of our youth pastor being called into a meeting with two other youth pastors in the community (from the same denomination) – they bashed him verbally with a smile on their faces.

I think that the internet, and even more so social, media broke down a lot of those walls.

People began to network with other church leaders in other cities first, only to discover those church leaders networking with others within their own community. I’d love to see some actual studies and facts to back my opinion up here, but I think that social media has allowed the development of professional societies where people are constantly exposed to resources for professional/spiritual development for the church culture. I love how I see pastors encouraging others and learning from each other. I feel that with initiatives like and One Prayer, the church is becoming more and more focused on the Kingdom and less focus on our own kingdoms.

Now my challenge is to integrate the technology that the church uses for networking into the professional society I belong to. In my company, I have 2 of the top 20 training industry experts, and if they blogged or used twitter, I would have crazy access to their knowledge set that would benefit me and our organization as a whole like crazy! I can’t wait to see how this “knowledge capture” will transfer to ASTD.



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