Winds of Change

I’m/We’re in the middle of some major transitions that will dramatically increase the number of posts to the blog:

1. With the beginning of 2009, I’m taking up a brand new position on the board of the local chapter of the American Society of Training and Development. For some of my readers from church, I’m going to post more soon about what a professional society is and what its purpose. It’s a completely volunteer position, but as Director of Technology, it’s my job to research new technologies for communications for the local chapter and roll them out.

2. Today is officially my last day in Business Unit 129 (Oil & Gas Services) and I transition to Business Unit 108 (E-Learning). My role is switching from the Training Developer to the Lead Developer. The title change is small, but the responsibilities are drastic – a major reduction in travel and actual development of training materials, to a majority of my day spent in teleconferences directing small project and teams of training developers.

3. Changes at the Oasis. Not enough time or clarity to go into details yet, but the church is in the middle of transition. Great transition! Exciting transition! The church has literally doubled in size over the last 12 months. This weekend we are getting ready to launch more leaders into the greeter and parking ministries as we begin transition leadership of this ministry to other more capable and more focused hands. We launch the Murfreesboro campus this spring and exciting things are ahead…


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