Life is Good

It should say something that the whole website has been through a major upgrade since the last time I logged on…I wonder how long it’s been like this.

I’m in Atlanta, heading to New Orleans tomorrow to spend some time with my wife who is training for a bank there on Friday. We’re taking advantage of the company paid hotel/rental car (and tagging on a night ourselves) so we can visit NOLA and see my brother who’s stationed in the Coast Guard there.

Traveling for work will slow down for the next three weeks because of the holidays, thankfully. I’m so excited to get to spend all of that time with her!

Work is rocking right now, and the contract I’m on now will keep me busy through January. It’s been a great two weeks of teaching (which I don’t get to do very often) other how to Train. I’m SOOOO tired, but it’s great to have a job at this point in time. My company just recently performed another round of layoffs. Insecurity abounds everywhere you go…

I had some great conversations this week with a Catholic co-worker. We’re both big saps, so we cried as we talked about the beauty of creation and how thankful we were for life in general… I also asked a ton of questions about what it means to be Catholic… more on that later…

One final thought… it looks like Chelsea and I are leading worship at UpRising Church the third weekend in January (that the church we moved to Nashvegas to help launch) and then Cross Point’s Dickson campus on the last weekend of January – more on both of those later.

More on why life is good shall be coming later this week…


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