Being a Fixer

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m a control freak or because I’m a man, but I want to fix everything and anything. My wife tells me about a struggle and I immediately come up with a solution. A customer tells me about a struggle within their company and I immediately want to give them a suggestion that I think they’ve never thought of. These days I’m struggling hard not to fix what I think is broken or hurting.

We went to FC two weekends ago and I’ve heard so much about the struggles and all I’ve wanted to do for months was to fix it. The Lord told me how haughty that was. His command to me for our trip was to speak life. Speak life and hope into everything. I don’t have the answers for the church’s struggles. Now, I’m sure you already knew that, but sometimes I forget that I can’t fix everything. The answers that each of us need are always found in our relationship with the Holy Spirit and sometimes in the wisdom of the more-experienced. It was my role to come in and tell them “the best is yet to come, rise up and raise His standard” (as in the banner).

I think so much of that comes from Pastor Danny’s influence in my life. That man is constantly telling me how great he thinks I am, how much help I am, how blessed the church is to have me, and encouraging me to develop what is inside me. I think that’s driven me to more softness then at any point in my life. He has so much advice he can offer me, but he doesn’t, he encourages me. I even “got in trouble” a few months ago, and the guy encouraged me to righteousness and good leadership in a way I can’t explain. It makes me want to be a better husband, pastor, and friend. I want to be like that – constantly encouraging others to greatness.


One thought on “Being a Fixer

  1. I need to tell you how blessed I am to be connected to you on the Internet. It’s not the same as our face to face interactions, but still…

    I remember Chels telling me to “Stand up,” when I did my duck-when-a-mistake-was-made thing… It helped me to face up to my stuff… not hide…

    I hope I always stay connected to you guys in some way or another.

    Just to encourage you… You can’t fix anything God doesn’t want you to, but being there… that’s encouragement… yea….

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