What I was made for…

Last weekend was such a reminder about who I am, who Chels and I are together. We entered into this season of our lives a year ago knowing that it would be tough but rewarding. It has been and will continue to be, but leading has put the taste of it in my mouth again. I miss it.

For me, it was another moment when I remembered that music is not a talent that I have, it’s a gifting that I’ve been given. I had quit even praying for the opportunity to lead again. I’ve taught so hard for years now that each of us has to use the gifts we’ve been given so the church can be what it was made to be. If you’re a teacher and you’re not teaching, the church is hurting. If you’re a prophet and you’re not prophesying, the church is hurting. I started praying again for the opportunity to lead, for Chels and I to lead together. Not to be on staff at a church, or move, or leave our home church, just for the opportunity to lead again…

Chelsea and I had this discussion on Sunday on the way home from leading worship at FC, and I prayed God, open the doors and i’ll walk through them. We got a phone call from another worship leader after the conversation asking us if we would be interested in leading worship with them in January. The answer was an easy “yes” after the prayers. So here’s to us praying for more opportunities and taking them as God opens those doors…



One thought on “What I was made for…

  1. Becky

    it was a great experience Matthew! We have really missed you guys. I believe that god has given the gift of music to you & Chels. I pray that He will use you both at every opportunity. I love you both!

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