Family Church Set List: 10/26/2008

We got to lead worship again! Last weekend we led worship at our home church, Family Church. We were so very nervous walking into it. There were so many worries about expectations and what people would think. We were both battling fear of man like crazy last week. We were both sick at our stomachs when we got to rehearsal on Saturday afternoon. Here’s this week’s set list (HT: Thanks, Fred!)

We did some FC classics and added a few newer ones to the mix:
D – Say So – I had to bring it down at least a step and the bridge was still too high – FC has some great vocalists who jumped in and nailed it. We took a few pieces from Ricardo Sanchez’s album at from Israel Houghton’s original release of the song. Started the song with reading from Psalm 107:1-2 and that really set the pace for the song.
Db – Super Victorious – This is one of my favorites that FC does, and the groove definitely appeals to a more diverse church. That’s one thing I’ve learned a lot more about at Oasis that I wanted to do differently at FC when we visited.
Dmin – Sing Hallelujah – This is an awesome song that you need to listen to if you haven’t done it yet. It was released on a Vineyard album a couple of years ago (Free to Fly). FC responds like crazy to this song, and it’s got some great musical stuff, breaks & punches, etc.
C – Bless the Lord – This was our favoirtes from UpRising Church and FC ATE IT UP! Especially the 3rd verse. The band nailed the break and it was crazy powerful!!!
D – Revelation Song – Jenny Hudson led this one and she did a fantastic job. One of my favorites, and once again the church responded so well. I had a few people come up afterwards b/c they were just weeping during the worship.

The Lord moved and revealed himself to all of us! I forgot how much I love leading worship…



5 thoughts on “Family Church Set List: 10/26/2008

  1. RS

    It’s interesting to see how you were nervous going in to lead worship.

    I’ve been thinking that are worship should be more “Around the Throne”, rather than “around the worship leaders”. Any other comments on that?

  2. The fireman

    It’s not that we are worshiping the worship pastor, we are worshiping God because we have a pastor that leads us into the thrown room.

  3. I actually had a great discussion with Rosemarie through email about worshiping “Around His Throne.” I don’t think she was taking a shot, just trying to understand about why people would approach me afterwards and dealing with the way that makes her feel when people do the same.

    Good thoughts! Look forward to your comments on other issues RS!

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