Chased out of Canada by the Mounties

Okay, not really by the mounties, but I did get thrown out of Canada.

Yesterday was a flippin long day! After an amazing weekend at FC (more to come in another post), I was pooped! I flew into Detroit as usual, got my rental car and headed for the border. Unfortunately, I picked the wrong both when I was trying to get across the border. She told me that I was traveling under the wrong paperwork and sent me inside to immigration. I’ve had 2 other co-workers undergo this process and have no problems with the paperwork I brought to her, but this time, it wasn’t enough. After talking for an hour, she walked me out to the car and had to watch as I crossed the bridge back into the states. I waited in line at US customs for 45 minutes and started making calls to get my paperwork lined out.

I went to staples – it took about 2.5 hrs to get my paperwork done again and it was spot on, at least that’s what she told me when she rejected me again. This time it took her an hour to review my documents and tell me that I didn’t have enough experience on my resume to come in as a management consultant. That hurt my pride a little. I’ve always been able to bluff my way through, but it was a no go this time. There wasn’t enough on the resume to justify the need for my labor in Canada (NAFTA has tons of rules about what kind of work can be done and what can’t).

The bottom line is now we’ve got to do a Labor Market Opinion to justify my presence in Canada. That can take a couple of days or a couple of weeks to complete, so there’s no reason to sit around Detroit waiting for it to happen. Hopefully, I’ll be back in Nashvegas by 3pm today. I’ve got tons of work to do, so it’s not like this puts the project on hold, it just made for one VERY long, VERY frustrating day.



2 thoughts on “Chased out of Canada by the Mounties

  1. Yep. Wrong person at the wrong time. Some people are -too- by the book. Some have an intuition as to when it’s ok to let this slip or so.

    Did you have paperwork from the client (or whatever) stating you were coming? If so, then it doesn’t matter what your resume says. Or so I would make it if I could. 😉

    At least you have a 4-year degree right? A 2 year associates degree gets knocked down to diploma here.

    I understand (on a lesser level) about pride being hurt. 😉

  2. Jodin Smith

    You know what this reminds me of? That good old talkin donkey in the bible. You must remember that story, he kept stopping and got beat by his master, when finally the Lord allowed him (the donkey) to speak and then the angel of death revealed himself…you might want to send that nice lady a thank you card.

    I always try to remember that talkin donkey when something should go one way but goes really wrong. What did she save you from? You’ll never know, but you can bet that God had a great reason for this delay. I know it’s not fun to get the run around, and probably hurt the pride of that guy in the bible (can’t remember his name…) when the donkey walked into the field and then scraped his leg on the wall…I am sure the whipping that donkey took from him was severe!

    But imagine how humbled he was to know the angel of death was there, waiting for him, and that meager service animal took those beatings and still saved his life. How blessed and grateful he must have felt.

    You may never know what happened, but you should thank her for doing her job. Thank God for all the donkey’s he places in our lives. Those who go through troubles to save us from ourselves, or the enemy.

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