Sunday Set List: The Summit Church

I’ve been waiting a long time to post a set list again. I’m posting this one as a part of Fred McKinnon’s “Sunday Set List.”

It was the launch service for The Summit Church in Seymour, TN. I want to write a lot of details about the service (i.e. attendance, salvations, volunteers), but I won’t steal Pastor Bryan’s thunder. At the minimum I will say that it went EXTREMELY well, and lives were changed.

We had a band full of musicians we had never played with and that we didn’t know the skill level of, which was pretty nerve-wracking, but it all came out great in the end. We had to simplify a lot of rhythms and solo stuff down to the basics to make sure everything went smoothly. The band/vocals gave their all and things went great.

A – Overtaken (Gateway) Simple chord structure, a couple of no-frill punches spice it up a little, and it starts with a little punch. We used it because it has a good sound without being too aggressive and scaring folks away. I V C V C C (Intro, Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Chorus)
D – Dancing Generation (Redman) A little nervous about pulling this out for a church launch, but shouldn’t have been. Did a mini-talk in the middle of this one about how what’s inside of us pushes us to express our worship to Him in different ways. (V PC C V PC C Instrumental PC C C)
C/D – To Deserve (Stockstill) Fell back into an old one for us. Easy 4-chord structure but a great transitional song from the high end to transition to slower stuff. I’d like to take this moment to say that I have a flippin’ amazing wife who set the tone for the band and led from the back. I love leading worship with her. (V C V C B B modulate B B C C)
How He Love Us (McMillan) – It’s been all the rage with worship leaders for months, but it was our first chance to do it. It was awesome. This is the one where this random team of musicians really started sounding like a “band” that knows each other and responds. I sang through the verses on my own (it’s a tough one for a crowd) and then at the end, I took a second to sing over the folks how the Lord would sing this back to them (I Love You, Oh How I Love You, Oh How I Love You, Oh How I Love). I could hear the people singing over the sound system on this one – I LOVE THAT! (V C V C V C C)

Great experience with lots of fun!



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