We Could Use Your Prayers

It’s been 11 months since we’ve led worship. We’re leading worship this weekend in Knoxville for a friend at the launch of Summit Church. My nervousness exists on a few levels and could use your prayer!

1. My voice – you know what it’s like for your voice to be out of commission for two weeks, much less 11 months with a big return.
2. Lyrics – if you’ve ever done any music with me, you know I’m terrible at remembering lyrics. I’ve been working the songs for weeks to get ready, but I could use some prayers that God would make all of it fresh in my mind.
3. Communication – I have a wonderful translator – my wife. Sometimes I have a hard time communicating transitions and thoughts. I need for every word I say this weekend to be crazy clear to this team. They don’t know me, they can’t read me – I want us to sound like one amazing instrument.
4. Honor – I want nothing more this weekend for God to be honored. Crazy honored! I want His name to resound off of these amazing smoky mountains, and I want to see the things happening at New Spring and Elevation to happen on this side of the mountains – I want to see hearts that have been deadened, made alive (or revived).

I’ll have a set list up tomorrow! 🙂


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