Enjoying My Job

This is a week that I crazy enjoyed my job. We’re working with a relatively new company in Ontario using cutting-edge technology in the nuclear power and petrol refining industries. Many times we do up front analysis and training design/development and never see how it ends up playing out. I’m a big picture guys, so not seeing it in it’s entirety “jades” me sometime about the whole process.

With this organization, it’s small enough that we’ve been able to see our suggestions play out in real time. Procedures developed while we’re continuing to work training, changes in their hiring process, their pay for performance. I love to watch their eyes light up when we lead them to solving their own problems. It’s been a crazy fulfilling week to see the impact we’re having. I truly hope we can work with the organization long-term and I can see how it plays out in the long-run.

Business Unit politics have been making me crazy, but if that’s what I have to tolerate to make a lasting impact on the lives of people and the bottom-line of an organization, I think I can handle it.



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