Gas Shortage

It was a crazy weekend here in Nashvegas. I got off the plane and into the taxi to hear stories of 3 hr lines to get gas, and that the city would be out of gas by Saturday. There was a sense of panic everywhere! I probably saw 6-8 cars on the side of the road on the way home from the airport. I saw a guy walking up the interstate with a milk jug of gasoline and I knew something was up. There were NO stations in Bellevue with gas (out of probably 10-12). People with half a tank were filling up – while people like us that really couldn’t go to church this weekend if we didn’t get gas, waited in line and even worse – people who had no idea what was going on had to go to work or lose their jobs, running out of gas on the way or not being able to get home from work.

We got our gas then went to Cracker Barrel for dinner and met Dee, a waitress who couldn’t get home from work because she didn’t have gas. We left and were heading home with my wife (who gets an occasional gift of mercy), we decided to make a last minute run to Home Depot, buy the last gas can left in the store, head to the local Flying J (with a direct connection to the gas line) and get 5 gallons of gas for her.

We tried not to drive a lot this weekend just because we don’t know what craziness this week holds. Seemed a lot better around town yesterday, and I’m hoping it stays that way!

Regardless, I think it’s pretty crazy that we don’t keep a local reserve that’s enough to handle the demand in the community.



One thought on “Gas Shortage

  1. There’s not a mass panic of gas shortage here, but there is a station that was out of gas the last two times I went for the snack attack.

    But I hadn’t been in awhile and it was even awhile between those two times.

    Even though I don’t drive and Dave doesn’t even use that station, I was sort of disgusted that either the demand outweighs the supply (and maybe the doom-sayers are right?) or that companies are being slackers.

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