Revelation of the Cross

Last night at Oasis we did “Lead Me to the Cross.” I’ve listened to and sung the song (even led it) dozens of times now, but last night I prayed for a revelation of the cross again – and I got it.

It’s so easy to get caught up in leadership development,”maturity,” and all those other words we use in the modern church and completely lose sight of a great big word – repentance. Last night I asked God to show me a picture of who I was in reference to the cross. The image that came up in my head was the brutality of the cross and Jesus beckoning me to come close – I was 75 ft away from him, nicely dressed, very clean, sad that He was on the cross, but I was not broken for what I was seeing. I even saw that twinge in my eye when he beckoned me because I was afraid to get His blood on me – my nice clean shirt.

That’s how I’ve treated it recently – completely lost sight of the cross, loss perspective on my need for repentance – remembering that it’s easy to say “he died on the cross for me” but it’s a lot uglier to realize your hand was on the hammer, and that you MUST have the blood cover you.

Here’s the biggest thought I had – if I didn’t get bloody in the process of “repentance,” I missed the redemption…

Sin isn’t just “bad” that we shouldn’t do any more, it’s bloody and requires repentance. We’re not on a journey of personal development, we’re on a journey with the king, grieving Him, loving Him, knowing Him….



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