Can’t Sleep

I decided to go to bed early tonight (around 9pm), but I can’t get my mind to shut down tonight. I like to have my ducks in a row, and right now I feel like they’re all playing hide-and-go-seek.

*The banners aren’t ready for guest-parking at the church yet – that goes into effect this weekend.

*The schedule for greeters is still shuffling about as people change their minds about where and when to serve (it was expected, it just makes me worry about how many we’ll have show up this weekend)

*The kiosks aren’t up at the church yet, and I’ve got about 10 people coming to get trained on them (I double-checked today and evidently they’re going in tomorrow – I just want people to do things on my time schedule and early – and of course it can’t happen that way – I need to take a chill pill)

*I’ve got a rather challenging contract with work right now that resources and timing are becoming an issue on.

*I’m working another contract that I am thoroughly enjoying, but it’s stretching me professionally and requiring me to travel to Canada about every-other-week for the next 2.5 months.

So it’s not that anything is bad – because it isn’t – my mind is just heavy tonight with a lot of things rolling around. I’ve already started working ahead on tomorrow’s tasks – now to make a list of questions for my subject matter expert (SME) interview tomorrow…



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