Greeters, Parkers, and Kiosks, Oh My!

HOLY COW! Are you kidding me?

As part of the initiative to get more people involved as we launch our 3rd service on Sept 14th, Pastor Danny asked people to become a part of the “Dream Team” – and wow did they ever….

78 Greeters. Yep, 78 – up from 20 people 3 months ago and 40 last month. Those 78 are spread into about 10 positions at about 12 different services per month. You should see my Google Spreadsheet for that one…

8 Parkers. That’s up from 3 of us 3 months ago.

Things are growing like crazy, and we’re trying to make the best use of F1 – installing kiosks on the same weekend.

We’re also setting up our First Time Guest’s parking area. We’re also installing new leaders for one of the already-established greeting teams.

It’s an exciting time to be a part of Oasis Worship Centre. We could use your prayers over the next two weeks…


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