Two Years Ago (pt. 2)

Pastor Joe gave me a call, wanted a copy of my resume, and we chatted for a while about what he was want to do. We spoke on the phone 3 or 4 times in early August and he asked us to come up and meet with the staff on August 19th, 2006. We showed up and got grilled for about 3 hours, had a great dinner, went back to the hotel and cried ourselves to sleep. As much as we wanted the opportunity to use our gifts, the thought of leaving the church we grew up in was frightening! We cried because we immediately knew after our meeting with the UpRising Church staff that we were supposed to make the move.

We spent the next two months trying to strategize the move, but we couldn’t figure out how to make it happen. Let me back up and say that we were scared to death to go home and tell our family and friends that it was time for us to go. Surprisingly, they encouraged us like crazy, and even sent us out with a gigantic love offering to get started. We made the move and launched the church in January 2007 with 307 people in attendance the very first weekend. It was an incredible experience. We spent a year on staff at UC. It was an amazing year. We got to see a couple of salvations and baptisms, and to be a part of that, and know how we were getting to play a part in that was exciting. We met tons of people who had given up on church that wanted to get involved again. We learned how to purchase for music/media. We met dozens of musicians, got to do a little bit of leadership development, and grew a ton…(more to come tomorrow…)


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