Oh Canada

I’m leaving on Wednesday (the day after Chels’ birthday – wink, wink) for Canada. Is it a problem that everytime I hear someone say Canada (or think it myself) that I want to sing the first line of their national anthem – “Oh, Canada.” I’m going to have to work hard to not sing that song over and over while I’m there.

This trip is a little “scaled down” from usual. Our work site is about 3hrs from the airport, and I don’t get to get a rental car, which means I’m riding with my boss (whom I like, but I’m not sure just how much I’ll still like after 10 days together) the entire time. I also just found out that I’m staying in the amazing Lakeview Motel. Yep, motel. It has a grand-whopping 12 rooms. It’ll be like the places in rural Arkansas my family used to stay in when doing revivals (churches can be sooo cheap at times). Don’t count on room service for this trip…

It does sound like a quaint little community, and it’s on one of the great lakes, so I’m sure it will be beautiful. Plus, they’re known for their summer Scottish festivals, and as it turns out, I love all things Scottish (well, except for Haggas). Let the adventure begin!



4 thoughts on “Oh Canada

  1. Remind me again where that is? Sounds lovely.

    Dave and I were looking for a place to eat while the heat hit and out preferred place was crowded so we wanted to see about Olive Garden. It was more outskirts and I realized I really like outskirts better than downtown. Even where we are.

    I also have a dream of renting a big house in PEI (Prince Edward Island) and getting as many AR friends as possible to come. 😀 Yay for pipe dreams.

  2. jenny hudson

    oh my word me too. i always sing in my head “oh canada, glorious and free.” and if i’m really nuts that day i will keep going. i’ve done that since high school when i used to be a hockey fanatic and when the stars would play a canada team they would of course have their national anthem sung too. i love that you do that!

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