Life is crazy right now! I just made a trip to Arkansas to see my brother before he heads to New Orleans for the Coast Guard. I’m home for a week, then off to Canada for 10 days to meet with a new customer. Supposedly, this new contract will be FT for the next 3-4 months – which is good news to hear.

In the gaps for work, I’ve been working some team projects for other customers, and I’ve had the opportunity to play team lead again. Man, I forgot how much I missed it! Tons of admin associated with it, but the fun of crunching deadlines and managing the customer relationship are good times!

Greeting/Parking at Oasis is great. We’ve got tons of folks helping us, but we need to recruit more men and more parkers in general. We’re putting F1 to use starting this weekend, which should add an interesting dynamic to the mix.

Chels and I are both going to be traveling a lot for work over the next 6 weeks, so life is going to be hectic – but I don’t know what to do anymore when we’re both at home for weeks at a time – life seems boring in those moments!

More on life coming over the next few days, and maybe I’ll eventually get back up and going…



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