Moving My Blog

Okay folks, I need help. I’ve been working on migrating from a to Anybody have any idea on how to force my to forward to Also, what happens to my RSS feeds? Comments appreciated.



One thought on “Moving My Blog

  1. Matthew,
    I don’t think you can do an auto-redirect from the address. (In order to do so you’d need access to the .htaccess file and does not give you that.)

    You should hang on to the account and post a “this blog has moved” kinda message.

    As for you RSS feed – anyone who uses your feedburner feed will automatically get your new feed when you switch it your feedburner account.

    As for the people who are subscribed to your feed they’ll be missing out.

    I am currently subscribed to your feed, but I’m subscribing to your feedburner feed now.

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