First Wedding – 2 Thumbs Up

It’s done! I’ve been so nervous about their wedding, but it went great. During the rehearsal, I blew through everything and my wife kindly (or not so kindly) reminded me to slow down for the wedding. I had to be extremely deliberate about it. I also had to be extremely deliberate about not making jokes – I use humor a lot when I speak, so that was really tough. The wedding started 10 minutes late, which always makes me nervous, but everything else ran on track. I accidentally switched the mic off one time when I was supposed to have it on, but no worries.

The whole thing was pretty informal in delivery, but all of the parents thought that it fit Jason and Harmony perfectly! The reception was a different story. The food got out late, the cakes fell apart, and I thought all of the parents were going to have a breakdown, so Chelsea and I ended up cutting and serving the cake, getting the parents/photographer in the right place (just a couple of times), serving the food, fixing the drinks and running around like chickens with our heads cut off. It was pure insanity. My feet/back still hurt.

We had dinner in Hollywood with Chel’s cousin. I just dropped Chels off at the airport and I’m going to take a nap before my flight. Lots of work to do this evening on the way home.



2 thoughts on “First Wedding – 2 Thumbs Up

  1. LOL! I seem to do a little of everything, huh? They wanted my title on the wedding license – I asked for the “The Right-Reverend,” but they made me put down “Pastor.”

    I’m an ordained/licensed minister in the state of Tennessee.


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