It’s Hot Kids, Really Hot!

I just developed a whole-nother-level of appreciation for all of the men that I saw at FC parking week after week through the summers. It was hot this morning – really hot. We had to go to the early service or the people would have kicked us out of church for the smell. Next week, be sure to tell your parkers just how grateful you are for them standing in the hot sun trying to keep things safe and organized!

On another note – it’s a slightly difficult transition for us. I know the greeting/parking ministry is not big (maybe 20 people) but we’ve always been put in place by the laying on of hands. I feel like a big doofus with these people. I keep hearing one word in my heart – Intentional. We’re going to try to get with all of the team leads after we get back from LA, then we’re going to use some YouTube videos and Charge meetings to help make everything we do in this ministry at Oasis intentional.

Excited about the future and praying for a cool summer…



2 thoughts on “It’s Hot Kids, Really Hot!

  1. Don’t want to sound as if I am pushing, but can ibe kept in the loop about the greeter thing? I really enjoy what I do with regards to this service. It comes naturally to many of us and is truly Christ driven…I just don’t want it’s simplicity to become, like many aspects of ministry, “corporate” driven…


  2. Thanks for dropping by my blog and contributing. I’ve added you as a link in the blog, and in my RSS reader. Looking forward to the conversation!
    Paul Joseph

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