Keep it Simple Stupid (The KISS Principle) Pt 3 of 3

Once you define your vision and the steps to get there – make it known.

Because pastors and leaders see it all of the time, we think everyone knows it, and if we repeat it again, we’ll be too repetitive. One weekend a year is not enough for vision casting! I’ve been working on a 4 week course for a client. During this 4 weeks worth of classes (approximately 22 classes), we refer back to the first lesson where we set vision for their job in almost every other course. When we did a train the trainer, we emphasized the importance of the instructors verbally reminding students of the core vision we set in the beginning and how this relates.

Here are some ways you can re-emphasize your vision and the steps associated with it:
1. Put it everywhere! It’s a part of your internal branding – don’t put it in the newspaper article or on the commercial, the lost don’t care. Put it on posters on the wall, in your announcements slides showing before/during the service.
2. All teaching and small groups in the church should mention it at least once in every group. It may be as simple as “you know, this really is a part of our vision of “serving the world,” etc.
3. Include it in weekend messages. Do church vision messages every couple of months, but include it in every msg in one way or another – every leadership talk – every staff meeting.



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