Keep it Simple Stupid (The KISS Principle) Pt 2 of 3

Sometimes when we live and breathe your church, we forget what it’s like to “not know” or how people will come to know. We had a great conversation after the service yesterday with some of the staff folks about being strategic at Oasis in the way we move people from step to step.

Most churches have a goal of what they want their members to look like. An example might be – in a leadership position with a small group or ministry, serving somewhere, being discipled, discipling others, spirit-filled, etc., etc. etc. My challenge is this – have you made a clear path for your church members to move along. Is there a process?

One of the easiest and clearest processes I’ve seen comes from the G12 model. They have 4 steps (taken from Campus Crusade, I think): Win, Consolidate, Disciple, and Send. For each of those steps, there are ways to get involved, but not many ways. The church stays focused on those 4 steps and helping others move along those steps. If you called just about any member of Bethany World Prayer Center, I’m pretty sure they could recite them in less than 30 seconds, but that has more to do with how it’s stated than anything (more on that in Part 3).

Does your church have a clear Vision? A clear picture of what members are becoming through their relationship with the church? Do people know what that process is? Are people moving along that process?


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