Web 2.0 and the Church

I’ve seen some stuff recently on Churchmarketingsucks.com, so I’m interested to know, does your church use Web 2.0 technology to interface with a. your church or b. the unchurched? What mediums do you use? Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, others?



2 thoughts on “Web 2.0 and the Church

  1. Hey,
    it’s soooo funny – I did a post about this last week, asking for input (both on my blog and on TheWorshipCommunity) for my upcoming “Worship Planning + Web 2.0” course I’ll be doing in July at the National Worship Leader Conf …

    So, the responses have been pretty non-existent, but instead, I think I’ve seen 10+ other blogs asking the exact same question/topics since!

    I guess we are all on the same wavelength!? (grin).


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