Keep it Simple Stupid (The KISS Principle) – Pt 1 of 3


Sometimes they can seem like words that people toss around that don’t mean much, but it’s everything. We had another conversation at work today about these topics and I wanted to jot this down again.

Whatever you’re doing in your church – whether it’s the entire church or just the worship ministry, structure what you do around your objectives or vision (that’s a little different than technical training – but it just got the ball rolling). The point is – we have a tendency to bloat and bloat everything we do in our churches. We create ministries about this hobby and ministries about this dream. It’s kind of like how the government operates – just because it’s a good idea, doesn’t mean it need to be administered by Washington. People in the church have talents and abilities – but they’ll often place the responsibility on the church to take care of ministries that are their own dream.

Being strategic in your approach is not always fun, and not always popular, but consistency is simplicity (thanks Pastor Jill). Being a simple church is well worth its troubles with people.



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