We had a great dinner at Baja Burrito last night with our new friends Daniel and Rebekah Warren from our small group at Oasis. Afterwards, we headed to the movie theater and saw two movies we’ve been waiting a year to see:

Prince Caspian was great. I was pretty excited to get to see it. I’ve never read the books and Chelsea loves them, so it’s kind of like getting to meet some of her friends. Odd, huh? Chelsea wasn’t happy with some of the variance from the book, but it was an awesome movie anyway. There’s just something about Aslan’s roar that gives me goosebumps every time.

Indiana Jones was okay. The plot is classic Indiana Jones – the action scenes were completely unrealistic, just like usual, so that rocked. I think the tough part for Chelsea and me both was the use of CGI. Of course Steven Spileberg would use CGI when making a movie in 2008, it was just a drastic difference in the looks of the movie that threw us off. Make some time to go see this one, just prepare yourself for the use of CGI! It took a little while to get started, but when it did, the movie was great!



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