I’m not sure if anyone else still says this, but growing up, we had a friend who dreaded DTRs (talks where you Define the Relationship). I think most of us have weeks, even months and years that we avoid DTRs with God, because we’re afraid of when the truth comes out. When you compare your relationship with others, you come out smelling like roses, but when you actually sit alone with the Lord and ask Him if he’s pleased with you, and if you’re living up to His expectations – you’re afraid of what he might just say.

Funny thing with Him is – he forgets. No really, he does. We blame our fear of DTRs on realizing what God thinks of us – but he always thinks of us with love. The truth is we hate DTRs because it must result in change in us. DANG! That’s tough.

Have a good night, friends!



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