Busy Week

Well, I’m back at home – at least for then next two weeks. Just a short re-cap of life right now:

~Friday night, I got in around 1AM and took a cab home. I was pooped the next day.

~Saturday morning, Chelsea and I went to our dog trainer’s and started some of our human training to find out what all Brisbane’s been learning. He was in training next week, and he’s become a different dog. I think getting out and running has a lot to do with it, but he’s not pulling on the leash, he’s walking on the left – obeying much better. We’re working on some “stay” and “come” commands. It’s GREAT to see the changes in him!

~Saturday night’s group was awesome – again! We love our group. We’re building some great relationships inside the group. These folks “go deep” in like 5 seconds flat – but we have a great time playing Battle of the Sexes beforehand!

~It was my parking weekend, so I didn’t get to enjoy corporate worship, but the message was AMAZING. Pastor Danny message ROCKED! After about 20 minutes, I had enough to go home and chew on for a couple of days. If you get a chance, go here and listen to/watch the message. I need to listen again and chew on it.

~We’ve been working on cleaning up the house and getting it ready for Dan, Lori, and Kaitlyn McDonald to come up this weekend.

~We’re going to see Prince Caspian and Indiana Jones on Friday! WOOHOO!!!



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