Question Behind the Question

Had a chance to listen to a book on CD on my way home from Arkansas. It’s a book by John Miller about Personal Accountability.

Basic Concepts:
*People place blame on everyone else for their problems – it’s part of our culture.
*People place blame with the questions they ask.

-Why did you (he, she, they) do that?
-When will you (he, she, they) get to that?
*Rephrase your questions to address what you can do, not what you can’t or won’t:
-Start with the word “What” or “How”
-Use only personal pronouns “I” or “me” not “You, we, they, he, she, or they”
-Follow it with an action (Help, fix, DO)

I think these concepts are important – especially regarding customer service. As someone who acts in a consulting manner – it’s not always about what I can do, it’s more often about helping others realize what they can do to address it. I think that personal accountability is a concept that we could all stand to hear about – (haha) – especially me.



One thought on “Question Behind the Question

  1. Hey dude, I really enjoyed talking to you tonite at the bar about church-planting. have a nice stay in 50th greatest state. Keep glorifying Jesus…

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