Going home can be sweet and bitter at the same time. We had a great time with friends and family while we were home in Arkansas. We went to Chelsea’s aunt’s graduation. We are crazy proud of her – you folks who work full time, have families, and go to school are crazy! We’ve developed a pretty cool relationship with the youth pastors (Ken and Jennifer Noble) who came to FC after we left. We played Phase 10 with Shannon and Rich till late in the night on Saturday, and enjoyed time with our families at my parents’ house and my sister-in-law’s cabin in the woods. That’s the sweet part of our trip.

We always grew up understanding that the community we lived in was in poverty – but I think we were reminded just how much this weekend. We went downtown for the first time in nearly 2 years. 60-70% of the buildings are empty. The homes are in terrible shape. Our hearts were burdened again for our hometown. We are about to begin dedicating ourselves to praying to see the city come to life again. There’s no way it can happen outside of the influence of the church – getting outside the walls of the church and serving the city. That was the bitter part of our trip.

I’m so glad we got some time to go home and see our family – we’ve got about 2 months and we’ll get to visit again.



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